Urban winch display

The Vertol helicopter came to be a legend in Swedish skies with the military designation HKP4. Here she can be seen on one of the final displays ever made getting in position for a winch display close to the Gothenburg city centre. Today work are being made to return one HKP4 to the skies, the machine is based at Säve and just waits for the right papers to be signed.

Layers of trees

When you reach an elevated position east of Gothenburg, this is the typical view with layers of tree tops. Far in the west Liseberg is awaiting the next season, in between on ground level,
Skatås is bustling with walkers, runners and cyclists.

Skagerrak beach

A fishing boat has been pulled up on the beach by a winch, which is the common practise in this area, being cheaper than building a full harbour. In the background a couple of danes has decided to take a walk on the very long beach this chilly evening.