Low fog

OY-VKG has just left runway 03 on her way towards the Canary Islands. As seen in the lower part of the frame the airport is about to be covered completely by low drifting fog.

Concorde crossing

Just an every day scene at Heathrow as one of the BA Concordes is being pulled across the public road between the maintenance area and the rest of the airport.

Saab Lansen

Aerodynamic breaking appears to be used as this Lansen tries to bleed off some speed after touching down at Karlstad airport during an airshow.

Behind the heavy

Our MD-80 heads out to the active runway at Kastrup, trailing a heavy Boeing 747 belonging to Thai Airways. As they needed some extra time to get the cabin ready, we eventually overtook them and departed as number one. Check out the well used steering yokes of this nice aircraft.


The Search and Rescue helicopter based at Säve arrives back to its home base after a night time training session.

Twin Otter on the approach

A Twin Otter makes some final adjustments while on the final for runway 29 at Roskilde Airport. Normally this aircraft operates on the Copenhagen – Århus passenger route.

Shiny rivets

OH-LCH sits on the Roskilde apron. With around 34000 flying hours she has a very rich history lasting from 1942. The aircraft is flown out of its base at Helsinki Malmi airport. To read more take a look here.